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Best seller
1Giovanni Zucchelli
Chirurgia estetica mucogengivale
Libro più raccoglitore ad anelli con le schede delle procedure step-by-step
2Marisa Roncati
Terapia parodontale non chirurgica
3Mauro Fradeani
La riabilitazione estetica in protesi fissa. Volume 1
4Mauro Fradeani; Giancarlo Barducci
La riabilitazione estetica in protesi fissa. Trattamento protesico. Volume 2
5Vincenzo Musella
Moderna odontoiatria estetica
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Before being overhauled, all manuscripts must be accompanied by the following statement signed by the authors: “in view of the decision by Quintessence Publishing to examine and revise the material which I/we sent, the underwriter/s author/s hereby transfer, assign or transmit the entire ownership of the copyright to the Publisher. This sale is valid for all the translations of the material The authors (have / do not have) a financial interest in the products, equipment, companies, etc.. mentioned in the manuscript (explain if necessary). Subsidies or other forms of indirect involvement of commercial interest must also be recorded on the copyright text. Such disclosure shall not have any effect on the acceptance of this material for possible publication.
When you use the brand name of a product, the manufacturer's name must be indicated in brackets at its first mention.
Permissions and Disclaimers
The authorization of both the author and publisher is required in order to use the material (text, photographs and designs) whose copyright is not the author's oune. Legends and tables should bring the appropriate acknowledgments (full citation of the source and of the words "Reprinted with permission"). The releases are required for photographs that show the people, unless the faces are covered to avoid identification. All the letters relating to authorizations and releases must be submitted along with the manuscript.
Copies for authors
The author is entitled to get 5 free copies of the journal in which the article appeared. Additional copies must be ordered to the Publisher during the revision of the draft pages.
Download the declaration form copyright for articles to be published in our magazines (download)

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