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Terapia parodontale non chirurgica
3Mauro Fradeani
La riabilitazione estetica in protesi fissa. Volume 1
4Mauro Fradeani; Giancarlo Barducci
La riabilitazione estetica in protesi fissa. Trattamento protesico. Volume 2
5Vincenzo Musella
Moderna odontoiatria estetica
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General Terms and Conditions
Article 1
Website Owner

1.1 Website Owner of and (hereinafter the "Site") is Quintessenza Edizioni Srl (hereinafter, "Quintessenza"), with registered office in Via Ciro Menotti No. 65, CAP 20017, Rho, P. IVA 03347380960, registered with the Milan Company Register under no. [?] REA n. 1669250.
1.2 Quintessenza is a company belonging to the group Quintessence Publishing, international publisher in the dental field, and is active in the publication of journals and books of dentistry, as well as in the organization of training and events in the same sector.
1.3 The site hosts a catalog of books, journals and multimedia products both in Italian and in languages other then Italian (hereinafter the "Publications") and a catalog of intangible products and services.
1.4 Users who access the Site may:
1.4.1 acquistare buy directly on the Internet site the Publications to be delivered in the the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad as well as the intangible products and services
1.4.2 the charges for shipment and expenses of Publications abroad, when ordering from the Site, will be automatically calculated depending on the region of the world where the Customer's address fits.

Article 2
Laws, general conditions and applicable operating instructions

2.1 Contracts with which the users who access the Site (hereinafter, the "Customer") purchase the Publications to be delivered in the the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad as well as the intangible products and services through the Site (hereinafter, the "Purchase Contracts") are subject to the regulations applicable to this kind of purchases.
2.2 The Contracts of Purchase are also governed by these general conditions (hereinafter the "General Conditions"), as well as other operating instructions contained in the Site, provided that, in case of conflict or inconsistency between the provisions in the General Conditions and the contents of the operating instructions mentioned, the General Conditions shall prevail.
2.3 At any time and without notice, Quintessenza can make any changes it deems appropriate to the content of the General Conditions and the operating instructions, and such changes will take effect from the date of publication on the Site and in connection with the Purchase Contracts entered into after that date, consistent with the terms stated in section 4.3.
2.4 The provisions of these terms & conditions and operating instructions contained in the Site apply equally to all customers, except for those provisions and those instructions for which is expressly provided the applicability only to “Consumers”. In accordance with the current legislation, "Consumer" means a person who purchases the products or services offered on the Site for purposes unrelated to any business or professional activity; should instead be considered excluded from this category who purchase products or services offered on the Site as part of their professional activities (such as medical, dental technicians, dentists, etc...).

Article 3
Purchase process

3.1 Publications to send to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad as well as the products and intangible services are presented on the site, broken down by category and illustrated through detailed information; it is meant that the visual representation on the Website, if available, usually corresponds to 'photographic image' of the above and has the sole purpose of presentation, without any guarantee or commitment by Quintessenza about the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Site with the actual product. This with respect to its size and / or the chromatic aspects of the covers and / or packages, particularly.
3.2 In order to purchase, Customer must follow the procedure outlined in the following paragraphs, and the corresponding operating instructions contained in the Site; however, if the customer has not already registered in a previous occasion, it has to preceed with the registration as indicated in paragraphs 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.
List of Purchase
3.3 The Customer selects each of the Publications to send to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad as well as the intangible products and services to be purchased by clicking on the relevant icon. This way, the selected Publications / intangible product / intangible service is inserted into the purchase cart (hereinafter the " List of purchase "). The Customer has the right to change type and/or quantity of the Publications to send to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad as well as the intangible products and services, selected and entered in the List of Purchase, until completion of the Purchase Agreement pursuant to paragraph 3.12;
3.4 The Customer shall register free of charge on the Site; if the Customer has already signed up on a previous occasion, instead, he may proceed directly to the next described "Login" paragraph 3.8.
3.5 In order to register on the Site, the Customer click on the button [" registration" ] enter a valid email address and a personal password, then provides the requested data including mainly:
3.5.1 first name and last name, complete address, phone number and fax number;
3.5.2 VAT number and tax code;
3.5.3 the delivery address of the purchased Publications (in the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad) hereinafter ' " Standard Delivery Address "), subject to the provisions of 3.10.2;
3.5.4 the payment method chosen among those indicated in article 6 (the " Payment Methods") for the purchased Publications to send to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad / intangible products / intangible services, except what described in the next paragraph 3.10.2;
3.6 The Client will receive, therefore, to the provided e-mail address, a confirmation e-mail; such communication also contains a link: by clicking it the Customer acknowledge the receipt of the notice, thus validating his sign up definitely.
3.7 The data provided in the registration will be handled in accordance with local regulations concerning the processing of personal data; [link to the "privacy " information].
3.8 To continue the checkout procedure, you have entered the "Login" by entering your e -mail address and password you provided when you registered.
Purchase Proposal
3.9 Once logged in, the customer automatically accesses a page on the Site that summarizes the terms of the Purchase Agreement is currently being finalized, and in particular contains the data of the customer, the list of Purchase, Mode and Standard Delivery the Payment Standard (the " Purchase Proposal ").
Completion of the Purchase Agreement
3.10 Verified the contents of the Purchase Proposal, the Customer may:
3.10.1 confirm the purchase by clicking the button [ "confirm order" ] maintaining the Delivery Address Standard and Payment Standard, or
3.10.2 confirm the purchase by clicking the button [ "confirm order" ], after having indicated for that specific purchase a mode of delivery and / or a payment method other than dal'Indirizzo Delivery Standard and / or the Payment Standard (that it is always chosen from those indicated in article 6), or
3.10.3 cancel your purchase click the button [ "cancel order" ].
3.11 In order to provide complete customer awareness about the fact that you are making to the final completion of the Purchase Agreement, the Site will automatically ask the customer to confirm that you want to purchase a second time by clicking the button [ "confirm order" ]. Confirming its willingness to proceed with the purchase, the customer declares to know and accept the Terms and Conditions and all information provided to him during the purchase process, the customer is also required to print and keep a copy of the General Conditions.
3.12 Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 6, with the confirmation of its intention to proceed with the purchase, the Customer determines the completion of the Purchase Agreement, whose conditions are set out in the Purchase Proposal, which may be modified pursuant to the previous 3.10.2; therefore:
3.12.1 The customer is required to pay according to the provisions of Article 6;
3.12.2Quintessence will be required to deliver the Publication to be sent to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad, as well as allow the download of the intangible products and services covered by the Purchase Agreement as provided for in Article 7.
3.13 Quintessenza, through the Site, will send an e -mail, to the e-mail address specified by the customer, summarising the terms of the Purchase Agreement as soon as it is finalized. Quintessence will also retain paper copy of the Purchase Agreement by its offices and the Customer may obtain a copy of it upon written request.

Article 4
Prices and availability of publications, intangible products and services

4.1 All prices of Publications, intangible products and services which are listed on the site are inclusive of VAT, if not already paid by the Publisher. These prices do not include additional and different taxes, levies or duties placed by the relevant applicable laws, such as those provided in the import phase. This, if necessary, the customer will be required to clear customs and pay import duties and taxes (other than VAT) as provided for in the importing Country.
4.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 4.3, the prices and the availability of publications, products and intangible services on the site are subject to change at any time and without notice. Considering the possible simultaneous access to the site of many customers, the availability of individual publications, intangible products and services may vary during the same day compared with the indications previously given on the Site.
4.3 In any case, limiting to the orders already finalized, the General Conditions in force at the time of execution of the Purchase Agreement will be applied
4.4 Should a Publication, intangible product or service is presented on the site in different areas from the appropriate purchase sections or, otherwise, is presented without the icon ["purchase cart"], means not available for sale through the Site.

Article 5
Delivery: means, costs and delivery times

5.1 Quintessenza will ship the Publications in the Purchase agrement, through the services of a leading courier (hereinafter the " Courier ") in the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad, to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of registration (paragraph 3.5.3), or to a different address, always in the territory of the Italian Republic, which the client has indicated for a specific purchase pursuant to paragraph 3.10.2.
5.2 The shipping, in the territory of the Italian Republic, costs Euro 12 for each shipment of up to three volumes, and therefore:
- Euro 12 for shipments from one to three volumes;
- Euro 24 shipments from four to six volumes;
- Euro 36 from seven to nine volumes;
- And so on....
5.2.1 For shipments abroad, any charges and shipping costs will be calculated automatically by the system as described in Section 1.4.2
5.3The shipping costs will be added to the total price of all the Publications to send to the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad included in the List of Purchase and must be paid with the same payment method of the Publications theirselves.
5.4 Delivery times may vary depending on location, up to a maximum of five (5) business days.
5.5 If the delivery is delayed with respect to the term referred to in paragraph 5.4 above:
5.5.1 the Customer shall give notice to Quintessenza directly on the site, following the operating instructions of the [ "contact "];
5.5.2 within two (2) days from the notice referred to in 5.5.1, Quintessenza will contact the courier to assess the reasons for the delay and the expected timing for the solution of the problem. Then Quintessenza will transmit the collected information to the customer to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer.
5.6 If the reasons for the delay are attributable to the customer (for example, erroneous indication of the address for delivery, absence of the Customer or a person responsible for receiving the delivery, etc...) he will be responsible to take any initiative to resolve the situation.
5.7 Where the reasons for the delay is not attributable to the Customer:
5.7.1 Quintessenza will totally refund the amount already paid by the Customer within 48 hours after the request that the customer must submit through the Site in the same section [ "contact "];
5.7.2 the Customer will return to the Quintessenza any publications that may then possibly receive, fully charging Quintessenza the costs of this shipment.
5.8 Outside of the provisions of paragraph 5.7, Quintessenza will not be liable for any damage resulting from failure or delay in delivery.

Article 6

6.1 Payments of the Purchase Contracts completed on the Site may only be made by:
(a) bank transfer or
(b) credit card, or
(c) cash/check on delivery.
6.2 Al Upon registration on the Site, the Customer is required to indicate the preferred Payment Method in accordance with paragraph 3.5.4 and 6.1, which will be applied to all purchases made by the customer on site, except those for which the Customer has indicated a different mode of payment (always chosen from those described in the previous section 6.1) to be applied to a specific purchase under the previous 3.10.2.
6.3 If the Customer does not pay the amount due under the Purchase Agreement, for any reason or cause, Quintessence will invite the Customer in writing to pay and shall be entitled to charge him/her the penalty interest allowed by law. As long as the customer shall regularize his balance with Quintessenza, the latter keeps the right to cancel any further deliveries of products, to resolve any purchase agreement in place, as well as to block the functions of purchase through the Site, without prejudice to ask for compensation for any further damage.
6.4 The Customer will find on the site all the operating instructions relevant to each method of payment, except as hereafter defined.
Payment by bank transfer
6.5 In case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery terms (Article 7) will begin only after Quintessenza has received a copy of the payment receipt that the customer will have to send by fax to 02 93186159 or 02 93509126 or by email to
Payment by credit card
6.6 Using the credit card the payment may be done, according to the Customer's decision, without any intermediary or through PayPal, a network that uses the infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a payment system on a global basis and in real time for any information []
Payment by cash/check on delivery
6.7 With regard to payment by cash o check on delivery:
6.7.1 The payment shall be made only with cash in Euro or by check payable to Quintessenza Edizioni Srl and handed over to the courier who delivers the goods;
6.7.2in the case of cash payment, the customer must prepare the exact amount shown at the time of completion of the Purchase Agreement, as the courier does not have usually rest, in accordance with applicable law, the maximum allowed cash payment worth € 1,000.00: bigger amount must be compulsory paid by check;
6.7.3 nothing more than what was agreed in the Purchase Agreement will be due by the customer to the courier upon delivery.

Article 7
Returns and Documentation

7.1 In the relationship between Quintessenza and the Customer, all deliveries of publications on the territory of the Italian Republic and abroad will be at risk of Quintessenza and the risk will be transferred to the Customer at the time of delivery by the Courier.
7.2 Quintessenza will receive through the Site, purchase orders, with deliveries of publications in the Territory of the Italian Republic and abroad. For the latter case, see paragraph 1.4.2.
7.3 For each Purchase Agreement executed through the Site, Quintessenza will issue an invoice for the Publication to be supplied which will contain the VAT number, in the case of customers who have it inserted at the registration on the site or subsequently updated. The invoice will be issued and send to the Customer together with the purchased Publications. The invoice details will refer to the data provided by the Customer at the time of registration on the Site or at the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement. No change in the invoice will be possible after the issuance, nor will it be possible to issue an invoice after the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement to customers who have not provided their VAT before the conclusion.
7.5 Upon delivery of Publications by the Courier, the Customer is required to check that the delivered Publications correspond to those under the Purchase Agreement, that the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document and the packaging of the Publications are intact and not damaged or otherwise altered.
7.6 In case of mismatch of the publications or of the number of packages, or in case of damage to the Publications or to the packaging, the Client shall write " provisionally accepted " on the delivery receipt of the Courier. In addition, the Customer agrees to promptly report to Quintessenza (following the operating instructions of the [ "contact "] session of the web Site) all the problems, if any, regarding the physical correspondence or completeness of the received products and in any case within 8 (eight) days from the date of delivery, or from the date on which such a problem is detected by the Client, if the problem was not detectable at the time of delivery.
7.7 In order to allow the delivery of the ordered publications, the presence of the customer or of his representative is always required in the place indicated by the order and on the scheduled delivery day. In the absence of the customer (or of his representative), the Courier will leave a notice for the second delivery the next business day and a telephone number in order to agree a different delivery date. If the second delivery attempt will to fail, the courier will be responsible for reporting related publications at the warehouses of Quintessenza. In the latter case, if the customer had already paid by bank transfer or by credit card, Quintessenza will refund the customer, within five (5) days of return of the publications in the warehouse of Quintessenza, the price of publications never delivered. Moreover, in the case of non- consumer customer, the amount that will be refunded will be equal to the price less the cost of shipping (along with the price originally paid) adding the cost toof the return of the Publications to Quintessenza.
7.8 In case of “force majeure”, lack of means of transport, as well as unforeseeable or unavoidable events that cause a delay in delivery, or make deliveries difficult or impossible, or to cause a significant increase in the cost of the delivery charged to Quintessenza, Quintessenza will be entitled to split, postpone or cancel, in whole or in part, the scheduled delivery or to terminate the Purchase Agreement. In such cases, Quintessenza provide timely and adequate notice of its determination to the email address specified by the customer and will be entitled to refund any amount already paid, excluding any further claims, for any reason, against Quintessenza.

Article 8
Right of Withdrawal

8.1 The "Consumer" has the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement for any reason and without assigning any reason therefor, subject to compliance with the procedures set out below (hereinafter, the "Right of Withdrawal").
8.2 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal in respect of the owner of the website Quintessenza Edizioni Srl (see paragraph 1.1), the Consumer must notify it directly on the site, following the operating instructions of the [ "contact "] session (which will form part of these Terms and Conditions, including for the purposes of the previous paragraph 3.11) and expressly stating its intention to exercise the right of withdrawal and the details of the Purchase Agreement and publications in relation to which it intends to exercise it. The request for withdrawal must be sent no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the Publications.
8.3 The return of the Publications subject to withdrawal will be made by the Consumer through a courier of his choice. Publications must be returned no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of delivery, to the following address:
Quintessenza Edizioni srl
Via Ciro Menotti, n. 65
20017 Rho (MI)
8.4 For the purposes of the valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must comply with the following terms and conditions:
8.4.1 the Right of Withdrawal can be exercised even to each individual Publication which is part of a single Purchase Agreement, provided that the withdrawal applies to the publication in its entirety, sothat the Consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal limited to a part of the single Publication purchased;
8.4.2 Publications in relation to which the Consumer has exercised the right of withdrawal shall be substantially intact and in a normal state of preservation;
8.4.3 in accordance with the instructions received from Quintessenza, the Consumer will, at its sole expense and care, shipping, and returns to Quintessenza the Publications.
8.5 Quintessenza is not responsible in any way for damage or theft or loss of Publications returned; each relevant risk therefore remains in the sole responsibility of the Consumer.
8.6 Once verified the integrity of the returned Publication returned, Quintessenza will refund the Consumer the entire price of the publication for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised (including both the price of the publication and the cost of shipping), no later than 30 (thirty) days from the return of the same publication. Refund will be made by transfer back the amount charged to the credit card indicated by the Consumer, or by bank transfer, in accordance with the relevant instructions and bank details specified by the Consumer himself.
8.7 In case of non-compliance with the conditions and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal, provided for in paragraph 8.4, as well as in the event of damage to the publications, the Purchase Agreement shall remain valid and Quintessence will return to the sender Consumer the publications unduly returned, charging the Consumer with the relevant shipping cost.

Article 9
Guarantees in the event of a defective product

9.1 Until the end of two years from the delivery of Publications, Quintessenza is accountable to its Clients Consumers, under Articles. 130 and 132 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, of any lack of conformity of the products (Publications) existing at the time of delivery, with particular regard to publications resulting faulty or damaged.
9.2 Fatto Except as provided in paragraph 7.6, the Consumer loses the rights guaranteed by art. 130, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 if he/her does notdetected the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which he discovered the defect.
9.3Quintessenza will make every effort to replace at its own expense, with other publications of the same quality and title available at its stores, those publications that are damaged or defective. If the replacement with the same publication is not possible (for example, due to “out of order”), Quintessenza will refund the consumer the entire Consumer Price paid for the defective publications, excluding any further responsibility of Quintessence, for whatever reason.

Article 10
Communications and Complaints

All communications or any complaints of the Customer against a Quintessenza Purchase Contracts should be directed to the Customer Service responsible for managing the site, filling in the specific form the ["contact"] session.

Article 11
Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks (registered or not), as well as any and all intellectual work, distinctive signs or names, images, photographs, written text or graphics, and more generally any other intangible asset protected by laws and international conventions relevant to intellectual property and industrial property reproduced on the Site, are exclusive property of Quintessenza and / or of its licensors. The Customer has no rights derived from access to the Site and / or from the conclusion of the Purchase Contracts. Any use, even if only partial, of the same is prohibited without the prior written permission of Quintessenza, in favor of which all the rights are exclusively reserved.

Article 12
Applicable law - Jurisdiction

12.1 The Purchase Agreement between the Client and Quintessenza is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.
12.2 Any disputes shall be exclusively competent Judicial Authority of Milan with the exception of disputes with Consumers will be within the competence of the judicial authority of the place of residence or domicile of the Consumer.

Article 13
Processing of Personal Data (Privacy)

For the regulation of the processing of personal data by Quintessence, please refer to the dedicated session of the site ["privacy"]

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